Menlo Park Swarm Removal Before Work

After two swarms Thursday evening that lasted until 9 PM, we decided to capture the third swarm Friday morning before work. It was a cool night so I know the bees won’t fly off that early. Master Gardener Drew put me in contact with Jean who pinged him about a swarm on her tree and was seeing if a beekeeper would like to hive it.

A nice sized swarm for sure. About 5 pounds of bees! We tried to cut and drop and go since I did have to go to work today, but it didn’t happen like that. It was cut and drop but the branch was too long and didn’t fit in a medium. So we had to shake the bees, sending many into the air and we had to find the queen and then leave the box there to pick up after dark (which I’m about to do right after this blog entry).

Finding the queen took much longer than usual today with all the bees and because this queen had a much darker ab section. We did spot her twice but couldn’t get her as she dug herself into the huge crowd of worker bees. Finally we caught her! A nice size queen.

Thanks Drew and Jean for calling us to save the bees!

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