Los Altos Hills “Bee Home – For Sale” – Bee Removal

Anyone interested in buying a house in Los Altos Hills that attracts swarms every year? 🙂 We have been talking to Michelle on and off since last year. She has a few active hives on the out-coves of her three story house in Los Altos Hills. She waited but this year she would like to sell the house so the bees would have to go first. Mark Small removed a hive last weekend at her place but she decided to have me remove the second hive. It was a new swarm that just moved in last week but when we opened up the ceiling we found the swarm moved into a deadout, and also from the markings of the wood, there was another hive there even before the deadout.

There were about 3 pounds of bees in this colony. It was quick, finished in 2 hours. And yes, we caught the queen but not until we got home to look for her. I spotted her at the far corner but there was no way for me to reach her. So I just vacuumed her into the beevac. 🙂 BTW, she’s not laying yet. Didn’t find any eggs at all.

Thanks Michelle for calling us to rescue this newly established swarm!

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