Lost My Own Swarm!

This morning we did a bee removal in Los Altos Hills. After we were finished we came home for lunch and one of the hives swarmed and landed in two clusters next to each other on the orange tree. We caught the queen from the lower swarm and caged her and shook in the bees that was clustering with her. Then the cluster above them flew into the box by themselves but soon they came out again and then back in.

My dad brought the hive back to his place but he took home an empty hive!!! He said the queen is no longer in the queen catcher and no bees at all in the box! Guess she was small enough to get through the slits and away they went while we went for our afternoon bee removal in Palo Alto. Never lost my own swarm in this fashion before. Oh well, maybe I can find this nice swarm tomorrow hanging on another tree in the yard.

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