Palo Alto Bee Removal – Swarm Moves Into Deadout

Last Fall we came and set up a swarm trap as there were scouts checking out the eave of the roof in this Palo Alto home but came up empty handed and all bee activity went to zero. Well, looks like a new swarm has found this spot to be their new home and moved in just last Friday. So we schedule Saturday afternoon to open up the soffit to see what’s inside.

Here’s what we found. A swarm clustered in their new home? Nope! Like the Los Altos Hills removal we did this morning, the swarm moved into a deadout, and the new white comb you see, that’s not new, it’s from last year’s colony that died.

Using the beevac to remove some of the bees before we start cutting. (When we dumped the bees out tonight into a deep it was about4-5 pounds of bees! This hive will be adopted by Julia, a second year beekeeper in Los Altos.)

Two story up, never fun but we do crazy things to save our local honeybees! 🙂

We caught the queen at the very end after removing all the combs. We knew she would be hiding in the far corner. She just moved in on Friday. She hasn’t started laying eggs yet.

Thanks Videhi for calling us to save our local honeybees! Hope your daughter will have a fun and educational share day at school with the combs. 🙂

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