Eighteen Feet Up, Cut Large Branch to Hive A Swarm – Menlo Park Bee Rescue

Received a text message from Tulin, a first year beekeeper this afternoon saying that her hive swarmed. The swarm landed on her tree but it’s about 14 feet up. Ok, 14 feet no problem as we had a 12 feet ladder. But I asked again later in the afternoon for a picture with the 10 foot ladder under the swarm to gauge how tall the swarm really was. Tulin came back with a “definitely 20 ft” and I kind of hesitated but we crazy beekeepers still wanted to check it out. 🙂

My dad and I arrived a little after 7 PM due to nasty traffic on 101. Tulin’s coworker Brad already cut part of the branch with a hacksaw and was absolutely helpful. The bees weren’t 14 or 20 feet up, they were about 18 feet which was manageable. We pruned the smaller branches and then Brad used my extension pruner to hold the branch in place while I stood at the very top of the 10 feet ladder to cut the large branch (I think it was one of the main trunks!). Good communication and team work from all four of us got it done quickly, no one got hurt, and we hived the swarm and caught the queen. It was fun! 🙂

As a thank you Tulin gave us two wonderful bottles of wine! Thank you!!!

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