San Jose Bee Removal – After-Swarm Bee Rescue

Last Sunday we helped a first year beekeeper split her hive into two because it swarmed multiple times already. The original hive had at least 7 swarm cells. So we left two queen cells in the original hive. Split and put two queen cells in the new hive (good thing we did because one queen cell was a dud). And we also cut out three swarm cells that’s sitting right next to me now incubating. But just today, Tuesday, the original hive decided to swarm again. A small after-swarm that landed just a few feet away from the hive on a young tree. It was pretty textbook kind of capture. We sprayed them with water, shook and closed off the cardboard box.

I brought them home to find the queen so I wouldn’t have to make another trip out.

And after caging and putting the queen inside the hive box, the bees did this…

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