Another High Up In The Tree Bee Swarm Removal – Los Altos

Well, it must be our week of rescuing swarms from high up places because we got another call today for a bee swarm removal in Los Altos. This time it’s even higher than yesterday’s. Twenty something feet up and the bad part is that the bees aren’t clustered on the edge. We had do some some pruning before we were able to expose the swarm of bees, the picture you see below. If we didn’t do any pruning there’s no way we could have gotten them. And good thing is that most of the bees were hanging there instead of wrapping themselves around the thick branch.

Shook the bees into a bucket and brought them down. It took two shakes and we got the queen.

And guess where the swarm came from. On the same property there’s a well established hive of about 10 years that’s going into a crawlspace hole but they aren’t in the crawlspace. They are actually right under the window in the wall.

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