Swarm Madness Day – Los Altos

Friday was a loooong day for us running around catching swarms. We didn’t get home until 10 PM. The first one was early in the morning after I dropped the boys off at school and before work. Went over to Ron’s place in Los Altos where he’s renting a hive from me to pollinate his fruit trees. That hive swarmed the day before and landed only 10 feet away from the hive. A huuuuuge swarm and we had to use two mediums.

It took a while to find the queen in this big chaos of bees. We were only able to shake half of the bees in and guess we didn’t get her in the box. We look over and over again inside the hive box and in the tree. After some time I finally spotted her inbetween the mess of twigs. There was no way to get a queen catcher in there so I took off my gloves and grabbed her by the wings with my fingers.

The original hive had 6 queen cells, 5 capped and 1 uncapped. We could have split the hive but we already had too many. So this is not recommended but we destroyed 4 of the queen cells and left two of the nicer looking capped queen cells.

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