Los Altos Country Club Lures Three Swarms

Los Altos Country Club has many active bee hives around the golf course, mostly in the hollows of the large oak trees. Swarm traps were recently placed near the active hives and they quickly lured swarms during this very active swarming period. Grace of Los Altos Golf and Country Club brought me to see the swarm traps this afternoon. One looked occupied, one looked like it could have been just scouting activity, and one, the swarm might have been too large for the colony to move in. So the plan is for us to come back after dark to take the bees home and hive them as club members were actively golfing during the day hours.

The picture below was the trap that had the established swarm. We brought the swarm trap home to hive the bees. It was a small swarm. They even built a few small combs and have placed much nectar into the cells.

And of course we found the queen though the iphone isn’t the best low light camera. 🙂

Thanks Grace for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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