Another High Up Bee Swarm Removal – Menlo Park

The bee swarms seem to be landing in higher places this year or something. Tulin called today and her hive is swarming again. This time the swarm landed even higher than the last and further inside the tree. Good thing is that the swarm cluster was hanging on a thin branch which allowed us to shake them into a bucket and bring them down. The first shake produced the queen but it did take a few more shakes to get more of the bee swarm down. Can you spot the swarm?

Since we were there we checked the original hive since we ran out of daylight the other day. Holy cow! There were over 10 swarm cells in the hive! We cut them all out and also found another queen running around inside the hive.

Here are two virgin queens that just emerged while we were cutting out the extra queen cells.

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