Saturday’s Beekeeping Adventures – Chasing More Swarms – Mountain View Bee Rescue

Saturday was another fun filled day on the field chasing more honeybee swarms after a morning of Easter egg hunting with the kids near downtown Los Altos. The day began when we first delivered a hive to Rachel and Knute in Menlo Park. While we were there setting up the hive and doing our hour long lesson calls started to pour in. Tulin’s hive in Menlo Park swarmed again but while we were headed over to Mountain View to grab our ultra-high bee rescue equipment we intercept a call regarding a swarm in Mountain View. We were only minutes away so we swung by and picked up a small after-swarm about 8 feet in a plum tree. Sprayed with water, cut the branch, and boxed to take home to hive and look for the queen.

Here’s the queen! Easy to find when there aren’t that many bees in the swarm.

Thanks for calling us to rescue our local honeybees!

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