Los Altos Golf and Country Club Bee Removal

Last Sunday we did a bee removal at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club, which was only a few minutes from my place. Grace called after consulting with Art Hall who was busy removing bees in San Carlos, had me pick up a swarm trap and also remove a swarm that was hanging outside of another swarm trap on the golf course. We were ready to set up our equipment but a lot of members were still golfing so we went to set up the swarm trap we took down to hive the swarm that moved in probably about a week ago.

This is the other swarm trap. When Grace showed me this trap on Friday there were bee activity but when I went back there at night, it was empty. Just scout bees checking it out.

A close up of the swarm trap hanging in the oak tree.

Here’s the external swarm. It looked larger pre-storm. The bees did move further under the tree trunk and they were tightly locked together. It made vacuuming them harder but we managed to save them all.

A close up of the swarm that never moved in.

We brought out the generator and bee vac as I didn’t want to drop the swarm into a hive box onsite and have bees flying everywhere when members were still playing golf.

We got all the bees. We went home at night to look for the queen. We didn’t find her. Looked the next day too and no queen. Perhaps that’s why the swarm of bees were staying there and didn’t know where to go because they had no queen with them!

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