Mountain View Hive Swarmed and Splits

Went over to my parent’s place yesterday afternoon and looked at the neighbors’ trees in the front yard as I always do during swarm season. It took a while but I did notice one or two bees diving towards a tree or bush that looked pretty direct so I checked it out and noticed a swarm hanging tight on a neighbor’s lemon tree. It was a very textbook type of swarm capture.

And here’s the queen. This was definitely not the primary swarm.

After hiving the swarm we harvested some honey and at the same time we found the hive that had swarm cells. We found two open swarm cells and many more that’s about to emerge. Actually, two emerged while we were cutting them out so we ended up splitting and placed another virgin queen into a queenless colony. Not what I really wanted to do during the heavy nectar flow season but oh well. 🙂

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