Mountain View Bee Removal – New Swarm Moved In

Wednesday afternoon I received a call from a Mountain View resident regarding a lot of bees plastered all over her wall. She was kind of nervous so I headed over to check out the situation. It was just a honeybee swarm and it moved into her attic through vent holes. I explained what was happening and that honeybees aren’t aggressive and tried to calm the ladies down a little bit. But of course they wanted the bees gone immediately so I had to go grab my truck and equipment to remove the bees.

The homeowners didn’t want me to cut into the ceiling so we had to go through the vent holes which is always a lot harder especially if they used 90 degree angles, screws instead of nails, and if there’s two pieces of wood we have to go through.

Because the swarm of bees just moved in, the cutting drove the bees further in. It was more than an arm’s reach. We had to improvise and modify our tools onsite to get them all out.

And yes, we got the queen. 🙂

Thanks for calling us to Save Our Local Honeybees!

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