Bees Removed From Old Guest House In Stanford

All right, the server hosting the photos is up and running though there’s some issues with it still. Well, it’s time to do some catching up with my blog posts and bee removals. Per the previous site check blog at Stanford, we proceeded to do the removal as scheduled. Arrived nice and early to start on relocating the colony of bees that recently swarmed, actually swarmed multiple times. The bees are entering from the rotting siding at the corner of the window.

A view from the inside of this old guest house. The bees are right inbetween the two windows.

Thermal image confirms and we can see how large the colony is, at least where the brood is kept.

Our first site of some ooooold comb.

Here we have the entire colony exposed. There were tons of drones. We also found two capped queen cells and many uncapped queen cells as well. No brood. Some honey that we tossed since we don’t know the history of the colony. We saved all the bees and left them with two capped queen cells to start a new family with their new queen.

Thanks John for having us relocate the honeybees before you demolish the old guest house.

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