Palo Alto Bee Removal And Making A New Beekeeper

After the Stanford bee rescued we went to our next appointment not too far away. This one is in Palo Alto. Cory actually contacted me while I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. There are bees in the soffit area of a second story walkway but unsure if they were in the between two beams or what. We went and identified the location of the colony and since it was a fairly new colony, we decided to tackle it right there. We cut into the stucco and exposed a small colony that moved in about 2 weeks ago.

Small colony and they have build a few comb sections already. And we were able to save what they have created since there are eggs in the cells.

Here’s the queen! A nice looking large golden queen bee. I missed her on the first try and she flew away! But since it’s the only hive around she found her way back and I caught her at the entrance.

Cory, who contacted me to remove the bees, actually took a beekeeping class a while back. And this was the sign he needed to get started. He wanted to keep the bees and of course, that’s what we want, new beekeepers, bees throughout our area pollinating. I took the bees home for him to pick up later and I emailed Cory the beekeeping started list I recommend to all the new beekeepers I mentor. Unfortunately last night when Cory came to pick up the bees the queen wasn’t present and the colony made many emergency queen cells. We will set Cory up with another colony if we have to. 🙂

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