Fumigated Bees Survive – Mountain View Bee Removal

A rental house was recently tented for fumigation of termites and other insects including a large colony of honeybees that was trapped in with screening. (I’m kind of surprised the fumigation didn’t kill the bees! If it didn’t kill the bees, will it kill termites in the wood beams?!? Hmm…) Yuli, property manager, called me on Friday and asked if we can relocate the bees as there are tenants moving in on the same day. When I arrived here’s what I saw. I thought it was a swarm trying to move in but then I received more information from the homeowner that the bees were probably trying to get inside as there’s an active colony already in the wall, and screening was put up to hopefully get rid of them.

When we returned that evening to start on the bee removal the bees were looking everywhere trying to find a way to get back inside. They started marching towards the welcome door mat. 🙂

From the inside here’s what we found. Originally we were told the hive has been there for a short time but the thermal imager shows a wall section completely full of brood and my guess honey on top that goes up about another 12 inches or so to the horizontal 2×4.

After cutting through the drywall here’s what we found. VERY dark comb suggest that the bees, could have been previous colonies, have been there for 3+ years. And this colony was pretty huge with bees covering all the combs and more.

And after many hours working until almost midnight the wall section has been cleared out of bees and combs with brood, honey, pollen. We didn’t catch the queen as there were too many cracks she could have gone into. We did save all the combs with brood, young larvae and eggs for them to create an emergency queen.

Thanks Yuli for calling us to save the bees!!!

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