Wasp Spray Do Not Kill Honeybee Colonies – Los Altos Bee Removal

Recently I heard on the news that Europe is trying to pass a law that make spraying honeybees illegal (I should dig that up and post it). I wish they would do the same here in California. We received a call of a honeybee colony living in a backyard shed, and the backyard faces a private school that has kids that are highly allergic to bee stings. So the homeowner decided to quickly deal with the situation by spraying the bees with a can of wasp killer. That didn’t do the job so he finally called us to remove the bees the correct way. It was a quick and simple removal, not even 2 hours and we were done.

Removes the drywall from the ceiling of the shed and exposed the hive after removing some old insulation and a lot of rat droppings (YUCK!). Small colony pretty far in from the entrance. The wasp spray would normally only kill what the liquid hits and possibly the bees on the first comb section at the entrance. Usually not killing the queen and the majority of the colony. Anyways, we removed the bees and all, and didn’t find the queen! Looked in every comb section we took out for eggs, none! The queen must have gone out for her mating flight and never made it back home. Anyways, combined these girls with another colony and they are not thriving. 🙂

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1 Response to Wasp Spray Do Not Kill Honeybee Colonies – Los Altos Bee Removal

  1. Emily Heath says:

    The work you do saving the bees is great – true bee heroes!

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