7+ Year Old Hive In Los Altos Hills – Bee Removal

Ed who actually contacted me in 2012 not regarding bee removal but wanting some help on starting some hives on his property, this year called and needed help on relocating a hive that has been living in the soffit for over 7 years. The bees have finally started to move into a lower unit of the property that he rents out and it was time to move them.

Above is where the bees are located. They are entering and exiting throuhg the rotted sideboard where a cleanout is sticking out. A thermal image shows where they are at.

Holy cow! This really feral hive wasn’t so kind. Pried just a little bit of the plywood and they were all over my dad and I. And throughout the removal they didn’t let up. My dad received several stings to the face and a couple of stings for me to my arm since I was the one cutting out the combs.

And finally we expose the large feral hive. They were completely out of room. TONS of bees!

Large comb sections were cut out slightly larger than deep hive body. Tons of brood and honey that rained on me as I was removing comb.

And yup, we caught the mighty queen that has been passing on the great survival genetics.

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