Winter Prep/Inspection Time

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow is already October and if you haven’t done your final inspection and Winter prep yet, it’s that time of the year.

Remove any excess honey, reduce the honey supers the bees aren’t using, put that roof over your hives, and for those who use QUEEN EXCLUDERS it’s time to remove them.

I’ve also noticed the ants are getting really aggressive lately so be sure to ant proof your bee stands if you’re breaking comb and honey is dripping inside the hives.

If you search my blog for winter prep you will find more tips.

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3 Responses to Winter Prep/Inspection Time

  1. Thanks for the head’s up on removing the queen excluders. I’ll be doing my winter prep next weekend 10/5-10/6. I’m really enjoying your posts.

  2. Vince Simeon says:

    Regarding ant-proofing beehive base, I assume you mean if the base is on legs, that you put each leg in a small can and fill each can with oil, correct? Otherwise, would smearing something like Tangefoot around the hive base be okay? Thank you

  3. What should be done for “winter prep”?

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