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Swarms Inbetween Rain – Sunnyvale

After a night of pounding rain the sun peeked out off and on today. The hives that are bursting with bees are swarming when they have a chance. Today I received an email regarding a swarm that landed on a … Continue reading

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Los Altos Bee Swarm Rescued

Though super busy with work nowadays I had to go out to rescue a swarm this evening after work. Anke called me this morning and told me that her neighbor has a new swarm that moved into the electric box … Continue reading

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Harvested a good amount of honey today. Not just last years but looks like the bees never stopped collecting nectar this Winter because it has been warm.

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Virgin Queens

One of my Mountain View hives swarmed a few days ago which I didn’t see. Today we opened up the hive and found two virgin queens which I split into two hives.


Bee Swarm Season Starts

Swarm season is starting!

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