Virgin Queens

One of my Mountain View hives swarmed a few days ago which I didn’t see. Today we opened up the hive and found two virgin queens which I split into two hives.


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3 Responses to Virgin Queens

  1. Scratch that… found three queens!!! One went into the honey bucket and we found her alive! 🙂

  2. I sensed the same thing in that swarm season was going to start very early. Instead of inverting my bottom deep boxes at the end of January I did it in the second week of January and I added two honey supers with drawn comb. Cross your fingers for good luck, so far no swarms that I know of, meaning my stay-at-home neighbors, who are bee friendly, have not said anything. In a normal year my three hives in San Jose swarm from mid February throughout March. Thanks for your great posts.

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