Los Altos Bee Swarm Rescued

Though super busy with work nowadays I had to go out to rescue a swarm this evening after work. Anke called me this morning and told me that her neighbor has a new swarm that moved into the electric box and that the neighbor arranged a pest control person to come out to spray and kill them. I had Anke, who actually bought honey from me before, take a picture for me and also notify the neighbor that I can come out after work to rescue them.


Right after work I ran home and waited for my dad to arrive. We hurried over and got started quickly as I had a 7 PM conference call. We arrived to a huge pile of dead bees on top of the meter box. It was an old colony or swarm that were sprayed last year and never cleaned up. We opened the box and found the bees, a good bunch of them!


Started scooping the bees by the handful and shaking them into the hive box. Shortly after I spotted the queen at the entrance of the box and from there you know how it ends. The worker bees start to fan and they all march in like good solders. 🙂


Thanks Anke for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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