Swarm In Kid’s Hideout – Mountain View

Saturday got a swarm call really close to my parent’s house in Mountain View. Last year I was at the same house for a swarm call but it was a leftover swarm, meaning that someone hived the swarm and left the stranglers. And last year when I was there I found that the neighbor had bee hives. Guess the neighbor missed this after-swarm as it was well hidden inside the canopy of the tree where the kids had their play/hideout area right beneath of it. Very texted book style of swarm catch. Shake the bees into the box, catch the queen, pick up the box at night. Of course did a little educating to the kids and showed them the queen bee. 🙂



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1 Response to Swarm In Kid’s Hideout – Mountain View

  1. Renee says:

    Great work, Super Bee-Man! No doubt, the kids were BEEdazzled by the unBEElieveable BEEauty of the queen:).

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