Hiving Four Swarms, All With Queens

I was at work yesterday when my dad called me saying that there are four swarms in my backyard. One entered my bait hive but the other three are hanging on the persimmon tree. He hived all of them and found all the queens. Too bad I missed all the excitement. 🙂


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5 Responses to Hiving Four Swarms, All With Queens

  1. Emily Heath says:

    Four swarms! That’s just craziness.

  2. gladysgibb says:

    Why do you catch the queens? Here in England, we just put the whole swarm in the hive.

  3. It’s just a practice I learned from another bee remover. Sometimes the bees are in swarm mode and will leave, though before I started caging the queen, those numbers were low. Now that I cage the queen it’s pretty much 100% they all stay.

    • Emily Heath says:

      Some people put a queen excluder above the entrance to stop the queen leaving, then remove it a week later (cos drones get stuck in it if it’s left too long).

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