Downtown Los Altos Honey Bee Rescue

We did a bee rescue in downtown Los Altos Saturday afternoon. The honey bees made home between a column and it was an easy access since they have only been there for a few months. Here’s a picture of where the bees are entering from.


After bringing up all our gear to the second floor we marked and made a straight cut into the wood.


Then a little careful prying allowed us to remove the wood without completely ruining it, making it possible to remove after a little painting and perhaps wood filler/glue. 🙂 Once off we exposed the entire colony.



And here’s our queen. She’s huuuuuge!


Bees and all removed and relocated to Mountain View. This hive has already been adopted. It’ll go to Santa Cruz in a week.


Thanks Rashelle for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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