Adopt-A-Hive – Los Altos Resident With Their New Bees

About three years ago Dick of Los Altos picked up the Los Altos Towncrier and read about Los Altos Honey Bees and what we did for our local areas. He has always wanted to contact me about getting a bee hive set up in his backyard and just a week or so ago a swarm that landed in his front yard triggered that phone call. It was a sign and I’m glad we connected as Dick and his wife Eileen welcome the bees and have a great yard to keep them. Plus they used to volunteer all the time at Deer Hollow Farm which is awesome as I volunteer there also. Here’s Dick and Eileen with their new young hive.


My dad mentioned that when he was a boy in China they used to eat everything they harvested in the wild from the honey bees – the honey and larvae! My dad puts one in his mouth and then Eileen was brave enough to eat one as well. She said it tasted kind of sweet and spicy. Then commented that’s the first and last time she’s going to eat a bee larva! haha I had a good laugh! 🙂


And in goes the larva! 🙂


Thanks Dick and Eileen for adopting this young hive!

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