Huge Bee Swarm 28 Feet High – Los Altos

Doing a little catching up on posting here. Easter Sunday I was driving to Palo Alto to pick up the kids after their egg hunt when I got a call regarding a bee swarm in Los Altos. I was so close and decided to swing by really quick. Met up with Allison who called regarding the swarm and she pointed out where they were. It was easy to spot the huge swarm hanging high up in the tree. Good thing they were on the edge of the canopy where we are able to access them.


My dad and I returned after I picked up the kids. Set up and knocked them into a bucket and into the hive box on the ground.


First shot we got the queen. It was pretty hard to find in that crowd of bees moving all over the place but we got her. 🙂


Thanks Allison for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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