Symantec Bee Swarm – Mountain View Bee Removal

Last week we received a call from the property management group at Symantec in Mountain View. A swarm landed on a bush in their parking lot and needed to be removed ASAP as some employees there said that they are highly allergic. It was a hot day and when I got there in the evening the bees were kind of agitated, perhaps they have been sitting there for a few days, but no bees buzzed or stung us.


We trimmed a little below the bush to be able to put the hive box under the swarm. A quick shake and it was time to find the queen.


It took us a few tried to catch this queen. She’s small queen that just mated and she’s running around super fast. And a few times she flew off as we got close to getting her into our queen catcher.


Due to the warm weather we had to wait until almost dark before we got all the bees in.


Thanks for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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