Black Compost Bins – Heat & Bees Don’t Mix Well – Los Altos Bee Rescue

Last Tuesday I stopped by to check out some bees in a compost bin in Los Altos. The swarm moved in about a week ago and looking through the hole they appear to have built like three to four combs on the lid. We went on Mother’s Day Sunday to transfer them into a hive box. After setting up we peeked under the lid and found this…


The heat wave didn’t even come through yet but the combs melted off the top of the compost bin lid falling onto the compost below. This wasn’t the first time we have seen this. It’s very common especially compost bins are made black in color and to heat up to speed up the decomposing.


Good thing there weren’t much honey in the combs and didn’t smash the queen.


Thanks Peggy for calling us to save our local honeybees!

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