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Pollen Trap Installed

Last week we helped Beth install a bee pollen trap on her hive. Here are some photos and the first pollen harvest.        

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March Madness Continues with a Big Swarm in Los Altos

March madness for bees as swarms continue to be in high gear. Hived this swarm in Los Altos last week when I took a day off from work.        

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Swarmed and Found 16 queen cells

One of my offsite hives swarmed three times but finally had time yesterday to go deep into the colony. Found 16 queen cells and two new queens chasing each other. Cut out the queen cells and 8 virgin queens emerged! … Continue reading

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Sunnyvale Bee Removal

A gentle shake and catch the queen. Very text book bee removal at a Sunnyvale apartment complex on Wednesday. Thanks for calling us to save the bees.   

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Downtown Los Altos Bee Removal

Relocated a small swarm near downtown Los altos on Tuesday. The after swarm came from a nearby tree colony.       

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Los Altos Swarm Rescue

Hived a big swarm yesterday. The colony will go to a good home in San Jose in a few days.    

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Warre hive for swarm

The swarm from the last post is now housed in this neat Warre hive.    


Palo Alto bee swarm saved before rain

Saved a bee swarm today before the rain came down. Palo Alto.     

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