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Saving Bee Swarms – Thank You

Received an unexpected thank you card in the mail today for saving a bee swarm at Cheryl’s house. I should say thank YOU for calling us to save our local honey bees! 😃

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San Francisco Bees 

Geof of San Francisco came down to pick up a full colony. He plans to take a few frames of brood from this thriving colony to boost his weaker hive. 

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Bees Going Home to Los Altos Hills, Flow Hive

Chris and family adopted an established colony with a new queen. This young honey bee colony will be joining their other colony currently housed in a flow hive. I’m expecting some true reviews of the Flow Hive soon.  Flow hive … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Bee Hive Relocated

Each year we get a few requests to relocate bee colonies living inside wine barrels. This is perhaps the largest colony so far. The picture below is after a few swarms that it threw off before we had time to … Continue reading

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Bees Going Home to San Mateo

Experienced beekeepers Claude and Kelly came down from San Mateo to pick up a booming colony of honeybees. 

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Mountain View Bee Removal

Relocated a small bee colony inside a wall in Mountain View. Quick and easy.

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