Adopt A Bee Hive

Adopt A Bee Hive Program
Our mission is to save and boost the diminishing honeybee population by rescuing and relocating the colonies to a more suitable living habitat for both the bees and humans. If you would like to join us on this mission and have the space for them, we offer the opportunity to adopt a honey bee hive.

What Type of Honey Bees
Feral bee colonies from swarms and structural removals that have survived our Winter.

Ways to Adopt
1) Adopt 1 Hive – You own and manage.

Bring your own box, top, and bottom, and exchange frames (new only).
Medium woodware only.
$180 for a colony with 5-6 frames drawn. Have honey, pollen, and brood of all stages.
$240 for a colony with 7-8 frames drawn. Have honey, pollen, and brood of all stages.
$300 for a full colony that’s 9-10 frames drawn and tons of bees/brood/etc.

Add $100 if you don’t have your own woodware.

2) Adopt 1 Hive – You own, you get honey, I manage. Read more on the Bee Hive Maintenance Service page.

3) Donations – Donations will go towards setting up a bee hive at a non-profit location such as schools, farms where they have kids programs, museums, and more. Funds will also go towards purchasing more equipment to rescue more wild honey bees.

For a small fee I will deliver the hive, help you install the hive, and give you a beekeeping 101 lesson. I can also help you get all the equipment needed to start beekeeping.
You will also have unlimited email and phone support.

If you’re interested in adopting a hive in any way or have questions, feel free to contact me: or 650-861-1211