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Sunnyvale Bee Swarm

This small swarm actually resided in the recycle bin and even built a small comb. But was dumped into the recycling truck. Luckily they all flew out and landed on the yard recycle bin, even the queen made it out … Continue reading

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Hammock Bee Swarm

Thanks Victoria for calling us to save this after swarm in Los Altos.

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Bee Tour – School Fundraiser

The Bee Tours are a hit! Each year I donate a Bee Tour plus fresh honey to my children’s elementary school WATSA fundraiser. The Bee Tour consists of an introduction to beekeeping for up to three brave souls, an opportunity … Continue reading

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Bee Talk at School

Last week I gave a Bee Talk at my son’s second grade class. (Did the same when my older son was in second grade as well, same wonderful teacher.) I came up with a list of questions and facts to … Continue reading

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Ant Proofing Your Hives

In some areas ants are a big problem and can easily cause a large hive to abscond once the flood of ants take over. There are many different ant proofing solutions on the internet but this design proves to be … Continue reading

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Bee Swarms Everywhere

Bees are swarming everywhere with this warm weather. Too bad I’m missing all the action at home. Will be back in town this week! Here is a pic from Amy of Los Altos. 

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The Chores of Beekeeping – Cleaning out dead hives

Beekeeping is definitely a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby but there are chores that must be done every spring. This winter was definitely one of the worse for my hives, losing about 65% of my hives, many still with over … Continue reading