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Bee Swarm March Madness is Here

Bee swarm March madness is here. Got another swarm in Los Altos today. Thanks Matt for calling us to save our local honey bees!

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Los Altos Bee Swarm

Caught a swarm today in Los Altos about 15 feet up. Clipped off the branch, shook the bees into a medium box, and caught the queen.

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Bees are swarming. Palo Alto swarm capture

Thanks to Margaret for calling us today, we captured our first 2017 swarm in Palo Alto. Sunny and 60 degrees today. The swarm came from a feral hive only a few feet away. We have caught swarms from this hive … Continue reading


Drones are here. Swarms soon

Two of my healthy hives are producing drones. That means swarms are here or near especially with the weather warning to high 60s to 70s by this weekend. 

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Japan has just invented Robo-bees that can legitimately pollinate the earth

Video: master.m3u8 In an example of life imitating art, scientists have come up with a technology straight out of an episode of Black Mirror: Bee-like pollinating drones. A team at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in … Continue reading

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The Blooms Are Here

Jan 31 and temperatures are expected to hit a high of 69F today. The blooms are already here!

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2017 First Bee Hive Inspection

This weekend the weather was so nice that my dad and I decided to pop the cover off of a few hives for a peek of what’s going on inside. We didn’t go any further as nights are still in … Continue reading

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Weather is warming!

Weather is warming this week even though there’s a storm coming in. Get ready bees!

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Last Maintenance of the Season: To Do

A reminder that our region is starting to get cooler (minus those weird weekends that have peaked to Summer-like temperatures) and the rains are coming. We did our last hive maintenance of the year and will let them “bee” until … Continue reading

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California tightening rule on popular pesticide

From FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — California regulators say they’re tightening rules on how much farmers can use a potentially dangerous pesticide in the nation’s most productive agricultural state. Brian Leahy, director of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, told … Continue reading

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