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San Francisco Supervisors to pass bill to protect bees

In the news today… Kron4 – A member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will introduce a resolution Tuesday to protect bees and other pollinators in the city, according to officials from the San Francisco Department of Environment. “I am … Continue reading

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Saving Bee Swarms – Thank You

Received an unexpected thank you card in the mail today for saving a bee swarm at Cheryl’s house. I should say thank YOU for calling us to save our local honey bees! 😃

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San Francisco Bees 

Geof of San Francisco came down to pick up a full colony. He plans to take a few frames of brood from this thriving colony to boost his weaker hive. 

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Bees Going Home to Los Altos Hills, Flow Hive

Chris and family adopted an established colony with a new queen. This young honey bee colony will be joining their other colony currently housed in a flow hive. I’m expecting some true reviews of the Flow Hive soon.  Flow hive … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Bee Hive Relocated

Each year we get a few requests to relocate bee colonies living inside wine barrels. This is perhaps the largest colony so far. The picture below is after a few swarms that it threw off before we had time to … Continue reading

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Bees Going Home to San Mateo

Experienced beekeepers Claude and Kelly came down from San Mateo to pick up a booming colony of honeybees. 

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Mountain View Bee Removal

Relocated a small bee colony inside a wall in Mountain View. Quick and easy.

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Adopt A Bee Hive -San Mateo

Nathan of San Mateo just picked up his 6 frame colony housed in an eight frame medium.

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Newly Established Swarms

Last week we relocated two newly established bee swarms in Los Altos. Less than one week the bees built up many pieces of comb.

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Los Altos Hills External Colony Relocated

After a couple weeks we returned to move the bees into hive boxes. Caught the queen and moved over all the bees and brood. In two weeks we are bringing the bees back home, with a clear view of Moffet … Continue reading

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