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Palo Alto 1896 Historic Home – Bees Relocated

We did a bee removal from a 1896 historic home in Palo Alto last Saturday. It wasn’t actually on the main home but a cottage in the back. A swarm moved in about a week ago and made home in … Continue reading

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Mountain View – Two New Colonies in Attic – Both Possibly With Infertile Queen

Sunday we relocated two colonies in Mountain View. The swarms moved in about 1.5 weeks ago and both built their homes in the attic space about 10 feet away from each other. They were probably new queens from the same colony … Continue reading

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Electric Meter Swarm Lure in Los Altos :)

Well, here we are again. This is the third swarm that moved into this electric meter box in Los Altos. The homeowners call me when they see bee activity and I go and rescue them. 🙂 But this time they … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Honey Bees Transferred for New Beekeeper – Sunnyvale Bee Removal

Saturday we made a new beekeeper and transferred the bees from Rob’s wine barrel into a hive set up. The wine barrel is actually really bad for the bees. In all the wine barrels I’ve opened up, there is always … Continue reading

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Redwood Shores Bee Removal – Bees In Wall Again

Wow, I cannot believe how many times I’ve removed bees from this property on Redwood Shores. Swarms keep moving into the stucco fence section, and I’ve recommended to leave the void open so we can remove the swarms easier, but … Continue reading

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7+ Year Old Hive In Los Altos Hills – Bee Removal

Ed who actually contacted me in 2012 not regarding bee removal but wanting some help on starting some hives on his property, this year called and needed help on relocating a hive that has been living in the soffit for … Continue reading

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5+ Year Old Hive Relocating, Homeowners As New Beekeepers – Menlo Park

Did a site check the other day after receiving a call from Sara of Menlo Park. They recently bought a house and is currently remodeling it. The neighbor told them that the hive have been there for over 5 years … Continue reading

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