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Checking Out The Baby Goats and Bees

Last Sunday I brought my kids to visit a local second year beekeeper to check out her bees and seven baby goats. There are three hives on this location. Two are extremely active. I think the hive on the far … Continue reading

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False Spring – High Bee Activity

Have you been outside this afternoon yet? It’s gorgeous out there and temps might reach near 70s today and also tomorrow. The bees are VERY active. The hive activity appears to be of early Spring. But watch out, next week’s … Continue reading

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Strong Bee Activity

The weather has been super nice lately and the bees are working hard, speeding in and out of the hive to forage when the temperatures are still warm as the days are now getting shorter and the night temps are … Continue reading

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Cupertino Krzich Hive Battled the Cold

Well, it didn’t snow here on Friday and Saturday night but we did wake up to white frost covering everything. I’ve built a roof above the Cupertino Krzich colony and also put an empty super above the top cover to … Continue reading

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Active Days and Freezing Nights

It has been a harsh late Fall and early Winter. Half of December 2010 was raining and when it wasn’t the nights have been near freezing. This pattern continues into the new year. The first week of 2011 has been … Continue reading

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