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Queenless Hive – Palo Alto Bee Removal

Two weeks ago Michael contacted me regarding some bees living in his attic and have been there for about a month. I went over for a site check and found where the bees were located using the Fluke thermal imager. … Continue reading

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Providing a Roof and Insulation for Your Hive

As many of you know my practice is to provide my hives with some sort of cover or roof during the wet and cold months along with top insulation to help keep the heat in. As stated before almost anything … Continue reading

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Los Altos Bee Removal – Bee Hive in Tree

Today was our scheduled bee removal in Los Altos of a honey bee colony living in a hollow of a tree. The entrance is small, only about 3 inches in diameter and we do not know how large the hollow … Continue reading

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