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Drawing New Comb

Inspected a few hives yesterday. Some of the really active hives have been drawing new comb and bringing in lots of pollen and nectar. Going to keep an eye on these hives as they could quickly draw out a super … Continue reading

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Swarm In A Top Bar Hive

Today we release the queen from the queen catcher into the top bar hive nuc. They have already built three pure white combs about the size of my hands. Swarms can build up so fast it’s amazing. No feeding required. … Continue reading

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Adopt A Hive – Picking Up A Second Swarm

Two weeks ago Matt came to pick up a swarm we put in his hive box. Today he picks up his second hive box with another swarm. Now he will have two hives going at his place and looks like … Continue reading

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San Jose Swarm – Over One Week

A coworker informed me that his brother, who lives next door, has a swarm at the top center of a 11 feet high hedge. They are deep inside and would require a good amount of cutting to get to. This … Continue reading

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