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Deer Hollow Farm – Honey Harvest

Since relocating two hives to Deer Hollow Farm we had our first honey harvest from the larger of the two hives. The nectar flow does not seem to be as good in the hills but we still had excess honey … Continue reading

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Harvesting Honey? Use Fischer’s Bee Quick

There are many ways to move the bees off of the honey frames when harvesting honey. Here are some of the methods: – Fume Board:This is my preferred method when I want to harvest honey from a super full of … Continue reading

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First Year Beekeeping – Second Honey Harvest

Here’s an update from Pete of Morgan Hill. This is his family’s first year in beekeeping with only one hive. He adopted a single medium hive from me in April 2011 and had their first honey harvest in August. Now … Continue reading

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CoolEatz Hives Update – No Honey Harvest

We met up with only Jesse this morning at her place to harvest honey on the two hives. Got all the honey harvesting equipment out but then I looked at the hives’ entrance activity. The used to be strong hive … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Hive Packing in Honey

During last weekend’s inspection, 10/10/10, we saw something that we liked and not like. First the good news. This colony is getting stronger and the weight of the hive is increasing fast. The girls are harvesting a lot of nectar … Continue reading

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