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Bees Relocated With Two Queen Cells – Los Altos Bee Removal

Chris called me last week regarding some bees entering from the side of the chimney. I went for a site check and located the bees, which were behind the chimney. Good thing we were able to go from the inside … Continue reading

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Bees Occupied A Camera Installed Bird House

Mike of Los Gatos emailed me a while back regarding a swarm of bees that came from a hive living in a bird house that he put up. I didn’t get to the swarm but we did schedule a time … Continue reading

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Swarm Moves Into An Occupied Hive

I’ve read and seen online about a swarm moving into an already occupied weak hive but never thought I would witness one myself. On Monday I was preparing lunch for the kids and looked out the window into the backyard … Continue reading

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Onsite Bee Inspection – Palo Alto Bee Removal

Last week we went on a site check in Palo Alto after Michael emailed us to see if we can save these honeybees. The bees are entering through an attic vent hole but he was not sure where they are … Continue reading

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Relocating Bees From Compost Bin Again In Palo Alto

Well, last night after dinner we relocated a colony of bees that have moved into another compost bin in Palo Alto. This time it’s a barrel type of compost bin but like all, it’s easy enough to remove the top … Continue reading

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Los Altos Honey Bees Rescued – Vacuumed The Mated Queen

Sunday afternoon bee rescue in Los Altos. It was hot and in the full beesuit it’s a good 10-15 degrees warmer! Got a big headache from this bee relocation but it was worth saving the bees. After checking out the … Continue reading

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Bees Bearding In Hot Weather

It sure felt like Summer today with temperatures reaching a high of 88.6 F in the afternoon. The hives that have a high population will beard infront of the hive to keep the colony at the proper temperature.

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