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Bees Removed From Old Guest House In Stanford

All right, the server hosting the photos is up and running though there’s some issues with it still. Well, it’s time to do some catching up with my blog posts and bee removals. Per the previous site check blog at … Continue reading

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Swarm Moves Into An Occupied Hive

I’ve read and seen online about a swarm moving into an already occupied weak hive but never thought I would witness one myself. On Monday I was preparing lunch for the kids and looked out the window into the backyard … Continue reading

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Adopt-A-Bee Hive – Murre Hive Ready to Go

The Murre Hive is ready to be adopted. A swarm that was captured on July 24th in Sunnyvale has been doing well. We originally had it in a 8 frame wine case nuc but today transferred them into a full … Continue reading

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