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The CoolEatz Hives Overwintered

This warm afternoon I stopped by to check on the CoolEatz hives as I wanted to see the hive activity. The two hives kind of took a reverse roll as the hive (right) that was weak in the Fall is … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Bee Swarm Removal – Also Hive in Tree

Today I received four swarm calls, one in Palo Alto, one in Los Altos, and two in Redwood City. We were only able to get to two of them today. Perhaps the others will still be there tomorrow. Anyways, received … Continue reading

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Releasing the Queen Bee

The Palo Alto external honey bee colony was rescued on Sunday, March 13, but it took us until Tuesday to release the Queen bee as Mondays my schedule is too crazy to even think about doing anything else besides work. … Continue reading

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