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Trouble at the Hive – Possibly Robbing or Pests

About two weeks ago my dad was out back and noticed that one of the hives had a lot of broken down wax at the entrance. It has been cold so we haven’t inspected to determine what is happening. But … Continue reading

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Yellowjacket Trap

Yellowjackets are out in forces at this time of the year and they are a total pest! You will see them picking up dead and live honey bees so kill what you can. You can purchase those yellowjacket traps from … Continue reading

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Bees “Washboarding”

I’m back from Las Vegas, kind of beat but still chugging along. Saturday I witnessed the Mountain View Hive do what beekeepers are calling Washboarding. The bees were doing this at the entrance of the hive, moving forward and backwards … Continue reading

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