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Fewer Healthy Bees Threaten World’s Supply of Almonds

Article on toledoblade.com regarding shortage of honey bees for pollination this year. Some key highlights: Not enough bees covering a frame indicates an unhealthy hive — and fewer working bees to pollinate the almond bloom, which starts next week across … Continue reading

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Adopt A Hive – Survival Stock Going to South San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago Jack contacted me regarding adopting a colony of bees to help with their fruit trees in their yard and greenhouse. We met up Sunday evening for a little beekeeping 101 and for them to pick … Continue reading

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Almonds Blooming

Noticed yesterday that the early blooming almond trees have flowered! Also the plums, peach, and pears are about to bloom as well but I never really see many bees on them.

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