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Thermal Images of Hives (Outside air temp 34.3 F)

Wow, it’s cold outside. I walked out to the backyard and it was only 34.3 degrees F. As I walked over the lawn I can hear the frozen grass and each step made a crunching sound. Here are thermal images … Continue reading

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Cupertino Bee Removal – Chimney Bees

After some research and having other bee removers come out to take a look at the bee situation, Jennifer of Cupertino called us to find and relocate a bee colony living on her second story entering between the chimney and … Continue reading

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Los Altos Bee Removal – Urgent Call

Received a call on Tuesday regarding some bees entering the house and this was an urgent matter because it’s a home office and patients come and go daily. The bees were entering near the front door and some clients weren’t … Continue reading

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