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Bees vs Mites – Battle Lost

Activity at the Berkeley hive was near zero today when the other hives were thriving like it was Spring. This colony was started this year from a huge swarm rescued in Menlo Park. They grew exponentially into five mediums, and … Continue reading

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Honey Bee Pests and Diseases

The University of Florida IFAS Extension has some great info on honey bee pests and diseases. The videos are a must watch. Small Hive Beetles. Nosema. Trachael Mites. Varroa Mites. They are VERY informative and shows practices and methods for … Continue reading

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March Madness For the Bees

March madness for honey bees? What? It’s March 1st today… so what does that mean to the honey bees in our area. Well, in the past few years the weather wasn’t as unstable like this year so March meant the … Continue reading

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Hayward Hive Update

Just a quick update on the Hayward Bee Hive. We took the cover off this afternoon to check on the bees. The daytime temp today reached 68F and the bees were active inside and out. They were definitely not clustered … Continue reading

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