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Three Virgin Queens, One Wingless!

Had about ten minutes between this afternoons removal and dinner so we quickly went into the three nuc hives that had capped queen cells. We found that all three of these colonies had a virgin queen roaming around inside the … Continue reading

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Queen Cell and Emergency Queen

Last weekend we did the cutout for a colony living inside a birdhouse. The birdhouse bees swarmed before we brought it home. Inside we found a dud capped queen cell, a good full sized queen cell, and an emergency queen … Continue reading

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Cupertino Krzich Hive – Thought Queenless, Swarm Cells, and a Virgin Queen

4/10/2011 – We inspected the Cupertino Krzich hive two weekends ago when it threw off a small swarm, which we hives but didn’t catch the queen and it flew off the next day. We opened the hive and didn’t find … Continue reading

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Emergency Queen Emerges – Cowper Hive 9/11/2010

Last week we found an emergency queen cell that’s capped and we knew by this weekend the queen would have emerged. So it was time to inspect and find our new virgin queen. Here’s a picture of the uncapped queen … Continue reading

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