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Queen Cell and Emergency Queen

Last weekend we did the cutout for a colony living inside a birdhouse. The birdhouse bees swarmed before we brought it home. Inside we found a dud capped queen cell, a good full sized queen cell, and an emergency queen … Continue reading

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Queenless Webster Hive Update – Virgin Queen!

Remember what happened to the Palo Alto Webster Hive, where the queen flew off the frame we were inspecting and then went into a neighboring hive where she was balled and killed. Well, we left the colony alone for a … Continue reading

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We Have a Mated Queen Plus Eggs/Larvae – Cowper Hive Update 9/19/2010

Sunday 9/19/2010 – We inspected the Cowper Hive today and were ecstatic to find the new queen and some eggs and young larvae on one of the combs. The queen is now mated and a virgin no more! She has … Continue reading

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